Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.   What is the Rosary Run?

A1. The Rosary Run is a Rosary-Themed 5K Run/Walk through the streets of St. Louis City hosted by St. Mary of Victories Catholic Church on October 12th, 2019 The race will start and finish at St. Mary of Victories.

Q2.  Why are we doing the Rosary Run?

A2. The St. Mary of Victories community feels called to use all of our resources and even unconventional means to promote devotion to Our Lady through the Holy Rosary. We are inspired by Mother Angelica's words:
"Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous. When you have God, you don’t have to know everything about it; you just do it."

Thus we began our work to build "A devotion in motion."

Q3. Are non-Catholics welcome at the Rosary Run?

A3. Yes, absolutely and encouraged! While this event has a distinctive and unapologetic Catholic flavor in that we are celebrating a very popular devotion - the Holy Rosary, we welcome everyone interested in joining us in this peaceful, family-friendly, fitness-oriented activity in celebration of Our Lady.

Q4.  Are walkers welcome?

A4. Yes. Walkers are welcome on the 5K Route.  We will also offer a less formal "Fun Run". The 5K Route will be re-opened to traffic after 90 minutes, and walkers will be asked to complete the race using the sidewalks.

Q5.  Where is race-day registration?

A5. Race-day registration will be in the parish hall at St. Mary of Victories. We encourage all runners to register in advance through the website to help keep costs down.

Q6. Where can I park?

A6. Runners can be dropped off at St. Mary of Victories, or park in the lot at the corner of Gratiot and 3rd. There will be no payment needed for these lots on a Saturday.

Q7.  When and where will the awards ceremony begin?

A7. The ceremony will begin outdoors at St. Mary of Victories, shortly after the conclusion of the race (when the walkers have all arrived at SMV.) We anticipate the race to start at 8:00 and the run to conclude between 9:30 and 9:45. If there is inclement weather, we will have the award ceremony inside the hall.

Q8. What is Icon Alley and when does it begin?

A8. Icon Alley is a space we have set aside at the corner of 3rd and Chouteau where the faithful can stand (or bring a lawn chair) during the race to display their images of Mary and Jesus.  At 9:15 am there will be a Marian Procession with a large statue of Mary and Jesus, led by the Knights of Columbus, with the faithful following, into the finish line.  Fr. Harrison will bless the icons at the finish line.

Q9.  To whom do the benefits of the Rosary Run and Festival go?

A9. The Rosary Run is primarily intended to be a public celebration of Our Lady and a chance to share with people the joy of praying the Rosary, which is often misunderstood. We expect the expenses and revenue from the race to break even. Any revenue generated from these events will benefit historic St. Mary of Victories and next year's race.

Q10.  Are donations accepted?

A10. Yes. Most months, St. Mary of Victories loses money and must dip into savings to remain operating. This is due to low attendance (a common problem). Events such as the Rosary Run are designed to make people aware of the beauty and historical significance of St. Mary of Victories and our reverent liturgies.

Thus, we do gladly accept donations, which can be given at the registration table or in advance at


Q11. Where can I find out more about St. Mary of Victories and other events held here?

A11.  More information can be found at our website,