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 5K Rosary Run / Walk Shirt Hungarian Fun Run / Walk Shirt
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Our SWAG  
FullSizeRender Draw-String Bag 

Sponsored by Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

(Tape dispenser and Stapler included for size reference only.)
The SWAG  
  • "Truth Exists -The Incarnation Happened" Magnets from Christendom College. 
  •  Auspice of Mary Decals from SoulCore
  •  DVD from Catholics Come Home.org
  •  How to Pray the Rosary from Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC  author of Champions of the Rosary. 
  • Pens from SLUCare:  The Physicians of St. Louis Unversity
  • Coupons from The Pasta House Company
  •  Rosary Rings from St. Mary of  Victories 
  • Items still being added.



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