The "Hungarian Fun Run and Walk" is a shorter route of less than one mile, designed for the casual runner or for those that might want to stroll along at a more leisurely pace.   We've called this event the "Hungarian Fun Run and Walk" to honor the Hungarian parishioners of St. Mary of Victories who have been caring for the historic parish since 1957.

This event is ideal for children, or mothers with strollers.  The route we've chosen starts at the Old Cathedral Basilica (you must park at SMV and catch our complimentary shuttle) and heads south along the walk-ways of the Arch.  Once the walk way reaches Poplar Street, walkers will then pass on to 2nd Street which will take them to Cedar.  After a quick right on Cedar, our Fun Runners and Walkers will arrive at St. Mary of Victories for a special finish.

The route is noted by the red dots on the map below.

Sign up for the Hungarian Fun Run and Walk by clicking HERE, or by clicking the map.

New 5K Map

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